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Think Parrots Show 2015 - Masterclasses

TP15 Speakers Mike SimmonsFollowing on from last week’s blog, the second FREE Masterclass speaker is Mike Simmons, who will be speaking on the subject ‘Advancements in training parrots’ between 1pm and 2pm.

Mike is an internationally recognised bird trainer.  His passion for his birds is evident in all that he does with them in their training.

He has displayed his birds at large venues such as Leeds Castle, Colchester Zoo and Centre Parcs, as well as lecturing at colleges and universities.  He has also been an assessor for the LANTRA falconry qualification and presented talks at the BIAZA tag.

Mike received an award from the International Association of Avian Trainers and Educators in 2012 for the training achievements with Ground Hornbills, followed by an award in 2013 for his work with Training a Bald Eagle.

His company, A World of Wings, aims to share the amazing world of animals with others, so that people can experience their marvels.  The name represents Mike spreading his wings and based on his work with birds that are trained to be free - when they appear wild they seem so contented.

Mike always says to people that are starting out training or working with animals, that an animal will not work with you because you are qualified, you must qualify to them.

Come along to Think Parrots Show, on Sunday 21 June 2015 at Kempton Park Racecourse, Middlesex, for further information visit


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