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Northern Parrots sponsors Think Parrots Show 2015

NorthernParrotsWebsiteWe are delighted that Northern Parrots is, once again, sponsoring Think Parrots Show.  Northern Parrots is the UK’s first and best online parrot shop, offering an unrivalled range of toys, food, perches and everything else you need to keep your parrot happy, healthy and entertained.

They have been selling parrot supplies through their catalogue since 1995, and online since 1998.  During that time they've grown significantly and have become a major importer and distributor, which allows them to provide their customers with an unequalled range at great value prices.
Whatever parrot – or parrots - you have, you’ll find everything for your parrot there, and you can even shop by bird type to make things easier.

They promise fast free delivery on everything when you spend £49, and a 30 day money back guarantee on anything you buy.

Everything listed on the site is in stock in one of their modern distribution warehouses, and they will despatch it to you within a few hours of your order being placed.

Parrot Cages

Northern Parrots offer a fabulous collection of parrot cages from top brands, and there are great styles including open top cages and play top cages suitable for every parrot.  There are even strong, lightweight travel cages, ideal for days out or trips to the vet.

Parrot Food

You’ll find the widest selection of parrot food from all the top manufacturers, including complete foods and pellets, a large range of parrot seed, delicious and nutritious parrot treats and much more.

Parrot Toys

Simply the largest range of parrot toys available, you’re guaranteed to be spoilt for choice, including foraging toys, foot toys, toy-making parts or swings and climbing toys.

Most importantly whatever parrot supplies and parrot accessories you buy at their parrot shop you’re guaranteed great service.
Come along and see their stand at Think Parrots Show 2015 and visit their website at

Juicing Fruits and Vegetables to Fight Arthritis

Fight Arthritisby Jill Perry

Juicing fruits and vegetables removes all the fibrous material, and enables the body to absorb the important nutrients and phytochemicals found in plants, almost instantly and with little effort on the part of the digestive system, potentially speeding up the health-effects of these foods.
Fruit and vegetable juices provide a convenient source of enzymes, which are extremely important to good health because they spark the essential chemical reactions that are necessary for digesting food, stimulating the brain, cellular energy, and repair and heal all body tissue.
But, the fibrous by-product of juicing plays an important part in a parrot’s general health too, and can either be offered chopped-up in a separate dish, or used as an ingredient in a birdie bread recipe.
Juices can be offered to parrots through a syringe, in a drinking pot, or it can be served by soaking birdie bread, dry monkey biscuits, or dry cereals, such as small shredded wheat squares, up in it.
Fresh juice does not keep for long and should be offered immediately after juicing.  But, leftovers can be frozen in an ice cube tray and defrosted as required.

Photo courtesy of Michael Bailey.


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