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Complete Psittacine, by EB Cravens


Studying a Baby Parrot Learning a New Skill

At a time when parrot-owning households are actually in decline in the US, there are in fact many keepers taking on the responsibility of caring for a second, third or fourth psittacine etc. Frequently such additional parrots are rescues or adopted from an unwanted situation; sometimes it is an attempt to provide avian companionship for birds already owned. Then there are still those out there who are newly-acquiring a baby parrot as a long-term companion. This article is mainly about the latter, those contemplating the training of a young bird in the home…

Two winters ago, April and I were blessed to discover three baby Fuscicollis Cape Parrots outside in our pet Ika’s and Stevie’s wooden nesting box. The pair was set up on request by two clients who wished to have one of our occasional offspring.

Both parents were doing such an admirable job, feeding the little ones five times a day and tending to them continually, that we made the decision to co-parent them.

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