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Brand new Green-cheeked mutations

Parrots magazine May 2012

and colours from California!

by Pauline James

The popularity of the Green-cheeked Conure has soared in the last ten years since they began to be bred in different mutations and colours. But, with the advent of the American Dilute in the last few years, brand new colourways are now being developed, and these are truly stunning!

The first Yellow-sided Green-cheeks

The Yellow-sided Green-cheeked was first discovered by Steve Garvin in California while working in a quarantine station in Los Angeles back in the 1980s. Steve told me, “I was banding a group of newly-imported Green-cheeked from Argentina, when I noticed two brightly-coloured birds amongst them. After referencing them in Parrots of the World, I learnt that Forshaw questioned if the Yellow-Sided was a separate species or sub-species of the Green-Cheeked Conure, and they were actually given their own name Pyrrhura hypoxantha.”

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