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Living with Chi Chi - a close shave!

Parrots magazine 166

Dr. James P. Coady-Hahn, OD, PhD, a full-time optometrist in Massachusetts, USA, worked with parrots for many years as a volunteer at Foster Parrots’ Exotic Wildlife Sanctuary in New England, and it was there that he met, and fell in love with, the larger than life Chi Chi, a male Red-sided Eclectus parrot.  Seven years ago, James became Chi Chi’s permanent guardian, but life with his favourite green parrot has been quite an emotional roller-coaster…

Chi Chi, our wonderful Eclectus Parrot, might well be the world’s most spoiled and revered parrot ever!  He rules the roost in our house, and is definitely a bird that knows what he wants, and gladly lets us know when he is displeased.  He is a very sociable parrot who loves being the centre of attention when friends visit, and always wants to be included in everything we do.

But, Chi Chi’s life has been far from straightforward, and he became a rather tortured soul, having had an unsettling and bewildering first few years of his life.  He was originally surrendered to Foster Parrot’s Exotic Wildlife Sanctuary in 2000, and although he was very loving to a number of the regular volunteers, and was often found perched on one of their shoulders, he made it quite clear that women were off his agenda.

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