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Arthritic Parrots

Parrots magazine 166

Jill Perry suggests 10 natural remedies

As healthcare for our parrots improves, and our knowledge of the benefits of certain foods have come to the fore, so the availability of more specialised super foods and supplements have become more widespread, and parrots are living for longer.  But, with extended longevity comes the emergence of a few ailments, which over time have built-up in older parrots, and one of these is chronic rheumatoid arthritis.

This condition is known to be extremely painful for humans, but it can prove to be just as crippling for parrots too.  Birds typically suffer disfigured or swollen feet and joints, and stiffness, and often have difficulty gripping a perch and balancing properly.  Parrots experiencing pain in their hock joints tend to show this by perching with a lower stance.  Arthritic parrots can also be prone to sores on their legs, and pressure sores on the undersides of their feet, so putting their full weight on them can cause great discomfort, and can seriously affect their overall activity levels and their appetite too.

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