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Parrot harnesses for flighted birds – benefit or a burden?

Parrots magazine edition 162

by Jill Perry

More and more parrot keepers are opting out of wing-clipping their companion birds, and are preferring instead to keep their pets fully-flighted, and although this greatly benefits tame parrots in many ways, the ‘great outdoors’ suddenly becomes a huge danger to them.  Some parrot owners like to take their parrots with them everywhere, and birds that have got used to this will feel very hard done by if their feathers are allowed to grow out, and they are suddenly left ‘home alone.’

So, the need for the parrot harness has emerged.  I should say right from the beginning that these contraptions are not for everyone, not all parrots will readily take to them, and not every parrot owner feels the need to have their birds accompany them on outside ventures.  But, for those who do, some parrots with a little training, can adapt well to a good quality and well-made harness, and very much enjoy the ‘freedom’ that it provides.

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