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Living with an African Grey

Parrots magazine March 2011

– that coos like a pigeon!

Janet Wilson and her young family from Fife, in Scotland, lived in Tenerife in the Canary Islands, for five years and during their time there, acquired an Amazon parrot. Janet had good reason to believe that the bird was being ill-treated, and although she had no previous experience with parrots, decided that she just had to step-in and save this little guy. But, although he settled down well, and was a much loved member of the family, after a few years, the family decided to up-sticks and move back to Scotland permanently.

Janet felt that putting the parrot through all the necessary health checks needed to relocate him, plus the long journey, would be extremely stressful for a bird that had had such a chequered past. Therefore, the decision was taken to leave him behind in Tenerife, to be cared for by friends that knew him well, and were more than willing to take him on. But, the whole family missed having a parrot around, and Janet had always dreamed of having an African Grey.

Angus, or it could possibly be Agnes, our African Grey of four years, came into our lives as a cuddly, tame, 12 week-old, hand-reared youngster. He lives in the sitting room, where we spend most of our time, and has company all day long, as my two girls are educated by me at home. Angus has been a character right from the beginning, and soon after we brought him home, he began playing tricks on us.

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