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by Pam Fryer

Long term subscribers to Parrots Magazine may recall me writing about the theft of Buster and Molly, my pair of Belizensis Amazons that were stolen while in the care of a parrot friend who had moved to Spain. I use the word ‘my’, but in fact I do not think we own any living creature, we are merely their guardians.

Buster’s and Molly’s stories are remarkable. In all the years I have been involved with parrots, I have never read or heard of a case such as theirs. As remarkable as it is, it is doubly tragic.

In this the final chapter, I would like to answer a couple of questions I have been asked by readers. I would like to also reveal what I have learnt from my own enquiries and investigations, all of which confirm my own very detailed observations and veterinary opinion.

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