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Parrots magazine, Issue 84

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Screaming and How to Deal With It, Living With a Goffin's Cockatoo, A Conure Worth Breeding

Issue 84 - January 2005

The Complete Psittacine with EB Cravens – Humidity in our parrots’ environments - Some months ago I was involved in a consultation with a pet owner in the eastern United States. This long time birdkeeper was having problems with her pet Princess of Wales parakeet. The Psittacine was scratching, showing poor feather preen and beginning to pick at some of the down and tinier plumage beneath her wings. Screaming and what to do about it – Do you have a loud lorikeet, vocal Vasa or a raucous Rosella? Finding out why a parrot is being noisy is the key to controlling its behaviour, says Sonny Stollenmaier. Living with a Goffin’s Cockatoo by Petra Glover – These beautiful white birds thrive on attention, and the amount they get could determine whether you end up living with an affectionate comedian – or a psychotic mess! A Conure worth breeding – Saving the Petz’s – Where have all the Orange-fronted Conures gone? Marcus Kreft argues that this species is worth breeding, if only to save it for UK aviculture. A guided tour of Loro Parque – Rosemary Low, a former curator of Loro Parque, takes us on a tour of this popular parrot attraction. Parrots in Focus - Blue-throated Macaw, a critically endangered species with a restricted range by Cyril Laubscher. Parrot safe aviary plants – Gail Harland highlights the safe – and the dangerous – plants to place in an aviary. Loved to near extinction: Macaws of the Peruvian Amazon – Mary Rowe recently volunteered for a Macaw-watching project operated by environmental charity Earthwatch. She tells us about her experiences between the Amazon and the Andes. Parrots in Canada, Friends of the aviary – Brian Eddy introduces us to a very special Canadian visitor aviary run entirely by volunteers. Aestiva aestiva: the Blue-fronted Amazon – the Aestiva aestiva has long been Pam Fryer’s passion. In this article she details the distinguishing features and personality traits of the Blue-fronted Amazon.

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