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Parrots magazine, Issue 74

Issue 74 4a1cf8975a507

Yellow-Fronted Amazons, Avian Arthritis, The Burrowing Parrots of Patagonia

Issue 74 - March 2004

The Crimson Rosella…provided a photographic challenge with a stunning result by Cyril Laubscher – The stunning Crimson Rosella is unmistakable. This frequently seen parrot inhabits humid forests and mountainous areas of eastern Australia, as well as gardens in suitable localities. The Complete Psittacine with EB Cravens – How many of us have unwanted birds at our home or facility?. A widespread and controversial subject permeates so much of birdkeeping these days. It is the issue of unwanted parrots, problem parrots, adoption, rescue and many more facets to this same overall question. Keeping and breeding Yellow-fronted Amazons in a controlled mixed colony – For EB Cravens it was love at first sight when he first set eyes on a yellow-fronted or yellow-crowned Amazon 15 years ago. He describes his experiences with keeping and breeding this, his favourite Amazon. Caring for an Arthritic Budgie by Aviva Green – What should you do when your budgerigar gets older and starts showing signs of age-related problems? This article describes the measures taken by an owner whose budgie developed arthritis. The burrowing parrots of Patagonia by Rosemary Low – The Patagonian Conure is one of the world’s most graceful and sociable parrots, with an Argentinian breeding colony that is probably the largest in the world. However this declining species is regarded as a pest in its native land. Why feed Organic? – Leslie Moran explains why giving organic fruit and vegetables to your parrots can improve their health and help the environment – to the benefit of all birds and people. Blue-headed Macaws by Jenifer Hilburn – the Blue-headed Macaw is believed to be the most sought-after parrot in aviculture, yet it is one of the least known macaws both in the wild and in captivity. In health & disease: How to keep your bird free from infection by Kevin Eatwell MRCVS – How can you tell if the parrot you have just brought home as the new family pet is carrying an infectious disease or not? In this article a practising avian vet advises new parrot owners on what precautions to take.

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