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Parrots magazine, Issue 68

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St. Vincent Amazon, Weaning Large Macaws, Looking at Conures

Issue 68 - September 2003

Parrots in Focus Blue and Gold Macaw by Cyril Laubscher – Even though it has a powerful beak, a tame hand-reared Blue & Gold Macaw is surprisingly gentle when offered a Brazil nut as a treat from its owner. The St Vincent Parrot – sliding towards oblivion – Joe Cuddy has always had a strong concern about conservation world wide. He recently re-visited the island of St Vincent and was alarmed at how introduced species and the extreme weather are further threatening this endangered parrot. The Complete Psittacine with EB Cravens – Quantity or quality: The Avicultural numbers game – One thing I have noticed in the 20 years since I began keeping and breeding captive birds is the more chicks one tries to raise, the less time is given to each individual. Large Macaws – Forced weaning can cause irreparable damage by Rosemary Low. The Large Conures – in this article Jim Hayward outlines some of the points to be considered before taking on these spectacular birds. The management of a new pet – Amanda Gregory explains some points new owners should be aware of when taking on a new companion parrot. Red-rumped parrots – Bob Alison has spent a great deal of time in Australia and gives us a hands-on overview of this hardy little parrot. Lets Talk Amazon by Eb Cravens – Eugene Limacher is a wise and spunky octogenerian who has been keeping, training and caring for pet parrots since he was ten years old. His brand of amusing anecdote and keen ‘bird sense’ span the decades of aviculture in the US and I am proud to call him ‘friend’. This column is based upon interviews with Gene. Blue and golds – naturally – Andrea Florence has spent many years in the Amazon. Here she tells of one fascinating account of the unspoilt rainforest and the thrills of seeing Macaws in their natural habitat.

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