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Parrots magazine, Issue 30

Issue 30 4a1cf9889f9ef

Psitta-Sense, Josie Palmer's Masked Lovebirds, Wild Berries for your birds

Issue 30 - November 1999

Psitta-Sense with Tracy Gwillim, Feather Mutilation In Captive Parrots. My Masked Lovebirds by Josie Palmer. Luscious Summer and Autumn Berries For Your Parrots, Jim Hayward advises on which wild berries are safe and nutritious for your birds. The Price Of Success? Amanda Gregory explains how self regulation within aviculture would not only help secure the future of the hobby but, more importantly, the welfare of the birds themselves. The Complete Psittacine with EB Cravens, A Closer Look at Toenails. Unusual Names by Valerie Ross, Finding names is always difficult. We like to think of ones that are non-sexual (as you can’t always be sure) and different. Here are some of the ones we have come up with. Never Give Up Hope a remarkable story by Pam Cook. The Moustached Parakeet by Jim Hayward, the Moustached is a good subject for the novice parakeet breeder, and may be the next parakeet to come in for a rapid rise in popularity once, as I suspect, a new range of colourful varieties is developed by European and American breeders in the not too distant future. A Touch Of Paradise, Sue Macer of the Society for Conservation in Aviculture, visits a member’s impressive parrot rescue project in Gloucestershire. From A Vet’s Point Of View, EB Cravens interviews Dr Brian Speer of The Medical Centre For Birds, Oakley, California. Global Action Plan Launched, a global action plan was launched recently in London by the World Parrot Trust and WWF to help save 89 parrot species from extinction. The World Conservation Union’s Parrot Action Plan has assessed the status of the world’s most endangered parrots and finds that a staggering 27% of the world’s 330 species of parrots are on the brink of extinction, making them the most endangered bird family on earth.

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