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Parrots magazine, Issue 61

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Electro Magnetic Radiation, Lear's Macaw Conservation Efforts

Issue 61 - February 2003

Parrots in Focus- The Senegal Parrot – a popular, playful and widely bred African parrot by Cyril Laubscher. The Complete Psittacine with EB Cravens – A Successful Holistic Parrot Healing – During the past two decades of parrot keeping , I have had to deal with many bird accidents and illnesses, within my flock. Sometimes we were living in a small town or rural setting where avian veterinary care was not available. Other times our trusted bird vet was out of town and standbys had not the skill to treat parrots. The task thus fell to us. Beware of the Pitfalls – In the second of two articles Amanda Gregory points out the things that should be considered when breeding or buying birds. In this article she also discusses the issues of noise and pet birds. The Lear’s Macaw and their conservation – Sam Williams recently travelled to Brazil, the home of the blue macaws. Here he describes the Lear’s Macaw, the problems they face and efforts that are being made to help them. Cockatiel Parrots – too use and sign language, Sister Lazarus Gent describes her observations of cockatiel behaviour that indicate tool use. Crop related disorders – Chris Hall explains the purpose of the crop on a psittacine bird, and what problems a bird keeper needs to look out for, particularly when hand-feeding birds.

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