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Parrots magazine, Issue 19


Pet Lovebirds, Australian King Parrots, Breeding Barrabands, Slender-billed Conures

Issue 19 - January 1998

Keeping A Happy Pet Lovebird by Amanda Gregory. King of the Mountain – Andrew Thurtell visits a special haven for parrots in Australia’s rainforest. A Beginner’s Guide to The Barraband’s Parakeet by Jim Hayward.  The Slender-billed Conure – Mike Hurley has a special affection for this often overlooked species.  Where Do I Start! – Thinking of taking on a parrot? New to parrot keeping?  Some of the basic questions are answered here by Julie Hamilton.  Under-age birds, under-sized cages! – Maryse Cooper puts the case for tighter controls. It is still legal to sell baby parrots long before they are ready to leave their parents or keeper. And although legislation has now been passed with regard to minimum cage sizes, the law is often disregarded by those appointed to enforce it.

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