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Parrots magazine eMag 261 October 2019


eMag 261 October 2019

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In the October issue of Parrots magazine:

• News from Loro Parque: Management of the Purple-naped Lory
• Eb Cravens presents Volume I of Psittacine Breeding Tips – Read more
• Rosemary Low gets back in touch with LorKim Joyner for her column ‘People Helping Parrots’
• Lovebird Behaviour – Nature or Nurture? asks GrrlScientist
• Training our parrots, whether teaching them tricks or improving their socialisation skills, provides them nourishing enrichment in the form of emotional and intellectual stimulation, writes Leslie Moran – Read more
• Sally Blanchard tells us about her long time companion, Paco, a Double-yellow headed Amazon
• Sarah Williams is determined to see rescued Macaws flying free in the wild – Read more
• Lissey Coates tells her amazing story of how her life has been changed by Rio, the Blue and Gold Macaw
• Sarah Jackson tells us why cheap birds are not a real deal! – Read more
• David Waugh and Rafael Zamora Padrón tell how research assesses the large-scale impacts of habitat loss and poaching on Neotropical parrots
• 10 mile run for the Spix's Macaw
• Jim Hayward gives information for those wishing to breed the Hooded Parakeet
• RSPCA report and birds for re-homing
• Monica Xiao’s cartoon of Koi & Bei birds
• News stories from around the world
• Letters from our readers
• Your parrot queries answered by our panel of experts
• Latest calendar dates for parrot-related events
• Back issue list
• DVDs and eMag CDs
• Subscription details
• Classified adverts

And lots more…

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