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Parrots magazine, Issue 249, October 2018


Issue 249 October 2018 (in the shops from Thursday 20th September):

In the October issue of Parrots magazine:

• Parrots just love pine cones…
• Sally Blanchard explains how birds see colours and use them for communication - read more
• RSPCA report and birds for re-homing, as well as a re-homing success story
• Eb Cravens asks the question what is your parrot trying to tell you? - read more
• See the antics of Koi & Bei bird cartoons
• Leslie Moran talks about Thick-bills and conservation
• Jessie Zgurski visits the Black Palms of Cape York and takes us through her adventure - read more
• Annie MacIntyre discusses the considerations of choosing a cage and what goes in it - read more
• Isobel Thompson enlightens us about enrichment and foraging
• Dr David Waugh explains about the conservation of the Indigo-winged Parrot
• Malcolm D Welshman shares about ‘Hassles with Hamish’ from his memoir
• Leslie Moran highlights the issues in a new documentary film ‘The Messenger’
• Jim Hayward’s breeding advice about the Swainson’s Blue Mountain Lorikeet
• Avian vet listing
• Loro Parque Fundación’s latest report
• Bird Alert report
• Your parrot queries answered by our experts
• Letters from our readers
• Latest calendar dates for parrot-related events
• Classified adverts

And lots more…

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