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Parrots magazine, Issue 245, June 2018

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Issue 245 June 2018 (in the shops from Thursday 17th May):

• Jim Hayward offers breeding advice on the Swift Parakeet
• Leslie Moran on how lack of protein and antioxidant levels contribute to fatty liver disease
• Eb Cravens’ final instalment on lesser known pet parrot species: Slender-billed Conure - read more
• Megan Matthews discusses the possibility of your parrot flying away, prevention and search - read more
• Mike McKaig shares his memories about parrots in Venezuela
• Sally Blanchard talks about why parrots might start biting and ideas for restoring your relationship - read more
• Mehd Halaouate and his search for the Shining Parrots - read more
• Jes Fuhrmann discusses changing the world through a parrot’s perspective
• RSPCA and the parrots they take in. Can you help?
• Think Parrots Show 2018 – new products and services from some of our exhibitors
• ‘Your Parrot Queries Answered’ feature highlighting excessive vocalisation in parrots
• Loro Parque Fundación’s latest report
• Bird Alert update
• Your parrot queries answered by our experts
• Letters from our readers
• Latest calendar dates for parrot-related events

And lots more…

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