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Parrots magazine, Issue 239, December 2017


Issue 239 December 2017 (in the shops from Thursday 23rd November):

• Alfalfa - packing a nutritional punch!
• Eb Cravens with more about lesser known pet parrot species that charm and captivate - read more
• Leslie Moran says let your flock help you keep your New Year’s resolutions - read more
• Sally Blanchard discusses the parrot/human bond, part 1 - read more
• Pat Tucker of the SPBE provides an overview about the biting parrot - read more
• Vivian Miller provides a brief history of parrot keeping
• Christmas plants and decorations – not for parrots
• Richard Dunstan talks about parrots and clay licks in South America
• Dr David Waugh and the Hyacinth Macaw Pantanal enigma
• Rosemary Low investigates whether extended use of the harness is unintentional abuse
• Jim Hayward offers breeding advice on the Indian Ringneck Parakeet
• John McMichael provides information as to how various figs are relished by parrots
• Christmas Offers - some great deals for all parrot-lovers
• Bird Alert - regular update
• Loro Parque Fundación’s latest news
• Your parrot queries answered by our experts
• Letters from our readers
• Latest calendar dates for parrot-related events

And lots more…

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