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Parrots magazine, Issue 227, December 2016


Issue 227 December 2016 (in the shops from Thursday 17th November):

In the December issue of Parrots magazine:

• Eb Cravens reflects on avian intelligence
• Leslie Moran discusses how drying, dehydrating and freeze-drying affects nutrients
• Sally Blanchard’s Personality Profile is on the Green-winged Macaw
• The Galah Enigma is a curious tale about what their scientific name should really be
• Make the most of our Christmas Offers!
• Fascinating story about Tommy and ‘K Laser’ treatment
• John Catchpole explains why it is important to clean your cages
• Sally Blanchard throws some light on how we expect our birds to talk
• The harrowing story of readers spending hours retrieving their much loved Amazon
• John McMichael asked “What is it about Chocolate?”
• Laura Hirst investigates various theories of social behaviour
• Latest calendar dates for parrot related events
• Loro Parque update
• Bird Alert – regular update
• Your parrot queries answered by our experts
• Letters from our readers

And lots more…

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