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Parrots magazine, Issue 225, October 2016


Issue 225 October 2016 (in the shops from Thursday 22nd September):

In the October issue of Parrots magazine:

• Eb Cravens takes an in-depth look at the adaptive minds of our pets and breeder parrots - read more
• Leslie Moran explores how cooking affects essential nutrients - read more
• Sally Blanchard’s Personality Profile covers Meyer’s Parrots - read more
• Brian Kluepfel writes about success and heartbreak with the wild Macaws of Costa Rica - read more
• Scarlett De La Croix shares the story about her beloved Macaw, Harley
• Rosemary Low asks ‘Would you buy this chick?
• The late Dr Al Decoteau’s account of how his Military Macaw gained its hearing
• Sally Blanchard homes in on her Poicephalus consultations
• Reader’s Story: Bella and Buddy
• Loro Parque – extended report
• Avian vets’ listing
• Bird Alert – regular update
• Your parrot queries answered by our experts
• Letters from our readers

And lots more . . .

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