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Parrots magazine eMag 218 March 2016


eMag 218 March 2016

•  Eb Cravens gives a glimpse into philosophies of pet bird aviculture
•  Leslie Moran reports on how birds learn by observing others – read more
•  Sally Blanchard reflects on how the wild behaviour of parrots helps us to better understand our companion parrots – read more
•  John Courteney-Smith answers a lighting question
•  Marita’s Recipe this month is Vegetable ‘Pasta’
•  Think Parrots 2016 Update covers this year’s Masterclass speakers
•  Roz Paterson shares about A day in the life of Kobe
•  Sally Blanchard’s Personality Profile is about the Blue-headed Pionus – read more
•  Dr Neil A Forbes FRCVS discusses how to maintain a disease free group of parrots – read more
•  John McMichael’s series about insects continues with part two on the darkling beetles
•  Part 1 of Tony Silva’s discussion on Parrots’ Diet Considerations
•  Bird Alert – regular update
•  News from Loro Parque Fundación
•  Your parrot queries answered by our experts
•  Letters from our readers
And lots more…

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