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Parrots magazine, Issue 215, December 2015


Issue 215 December 2015 (in the shops from Thursday 19th November):

Eb Craven takes a light-hearted look at some of his favourite pet parrot species
Leslie Moran highlights the healthful and nutritional rewards that rosehips offer us - read more
Sally Blanchard discusses parrot sleep and night-time rituals – read more
This month’s Personality Profile covers The Ringneck Parakeet - read more
Dr Tariq Abou-Zahr and Dr Neil A Forbes take us through dealing with a sick bird, part 2
Recipe for Christmas Cookies from Marita Grabowski
Whole Food supplements from Eb Cravens - read more
Pauline James explains about the white Vasa Parrot
UV lighting update from John Courteney-Smith
Book review
Bird Alert – regular update
News from Loro Parque Fundación
Your parrot queries answered by our experts
Letters from our readers
And lots more…

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