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Parrots magazine, Issue 213, October 2015


Issue 213 October 2015 (in the shops from Thursday 17th September):

Book Reviews by Rosemary Low
Updating as the years pass. Eb Cravens' Complete Psittacine - read more
Building Avian Immunity. Leslie Moran's Holistic Parrot
Techniques in Working with a Reticent or Aggressive Parrot - read more
Swift Parrots under threat
Sally Blanchard's Personality Profile of the Hahn's Macaw - read more
A Safe Home for Psittacine Birds, from the Vet's Surgery - read more
The Hawaiian 12, a report by Angela Rezentes
Reader's Story, Fidget the Senegal
Club Parrot
Rosemary Low says you should visit Newquay Zoo!
Bird Alert – regular update
News from Loro Parque Fundación
Your parrot queries answered by our experts
Letters from our readers

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