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Parrots magazine, Issue 3

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The enigma of The Red-Bellied Macaw. Scaring Macaws to survive.

Issue 3 - May 1995

The enigma of The Red-Bellied Macaw. Barrett Watson and Mike Hurley write about their fascination for the Ara manilata. Scaring Macaws to survive. Victor M. Acedo writes on the work now under way to ensure the future of Scarlet Macaws in the wild. The Edward’s Lorikeet by Ken Dawson. Welcome to my home. Pat Walker offers tips on training, feeding and recapturing your birds. Hand-rearing Greys by Barbara Ball diet, danger of liver failure, tips on brooding, weaning Part 1. Pat and David Carruthers hand rear their first White fronted Amazon (Amazona albifrons) Siuna Whitehead MRCVS Feather Plucking no simple answer. Liz Wilson Parrot Behaviour Consultant writes about compassionate dominance. The Art & Science of Hand-rearing Baby Parrots by Blake Hawley DVM.

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