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Parrots magazine eMag 133

eMag 133


Issue 133 - February 2009

Flighted Birds in the Home - Barbara Heidenreich offers good advice, Complete Psittacine - This thing called Socialization, Avian Nutrition - Brian Stockdale gives us a vet's perspective, The Holistic Parrot - Leslie Moran looks at Antioxidants and their role in preventing and curing disease, Are tame birds good at breeding? - Allan Manning presents the facts rather than speculative myths, Galah Cockatoo - A close look at these most beautiful cockatoos, Energy Healing for Parrots - Pam Fryer hopes a time will come when people are open to energy healing, Book Review - Birdkeepers' guide to Cockatiels, A Reader's Story - Peter Jackson tells of his dilemma with Clifford the budgie



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