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Parrots magazine eMag 135

eMag 135


Issue 135 - April 2009

Training your bird to stay on your hand - Barbara Heidenreich gives advice, Complete Psittacine - Thoughts about Perching Environments, Living with a Double Act - Simon Cooke tells us what it is like living with Max and Ozzy, The Holistic Parrot - Leslie Moran discusses self medication performed by parrots in captivity, Size variations in psittacids - Bob Alison explains how big changes can be brought about by the smallest parrots, White-necked Parakeet - How we are helping this threatened species, Scarlet Macaw, Parrot Night - Mary Hilton's parrot has a regular party night with friends, Lovebirds - Pauline James gives an account on how she bred the popular Masked Lovebird, Reader's Story - Pam Watkins tells of her ordeal when Bobby flew away.



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