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Parrots magazine eMag 137

eMag 137

Complete Psittacine - Consequences of Constantly taking Chicks from their Parents, The merits of nest-box cameras - Pauline James describes the benefits of Gary Clayton's nest-box cameras, The Grey-breasted Parakeet - David Waugh describes a project to prevent the extinction of this flagship parakeet in north-east Brazil, The Holistic Parrot - Nutrition for Healing Stress Related Feather Destruction, The Bowra Station - Allen Friis provides an insight into this popular Australian eco-resort, Living with a Lesser Sulphur-crested Cockatoo - Jessi Zgurski asks the big question - to adopt or not to adopt?, Training your Bird to talk on Cue - Barbara Heidenreich says all parrots have the ability to copy sounds, but they don't all have the desire, Loro Parque excitement - Mail Spix's Maxaw arrives for mating within the new breeding facility, Reader's Story - Shirley Walters tells of the joy of Pedro.


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