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Parrots magazine, Issue 114

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The Endangered Black Cockatoos Of Western Australia, Living With A Red-Lored Amazon

Issue 114 - July 2007

The Complete Psittacine – Train your older parrot to fly – advice from EB Cravens on how to re-fledge a pet Psittacine. Living with a Red-Lored Amazon – An Amazon can be a very high-maintenance pet, says Jessie Zgurski, but with the right person – it can make an outstanding, life long friend. The Parrot Within - I am sometimes asked how much enrichment we need to provide to the lives of our companion parrots. I can only reply ‘Always try to give them back at least as much enrichment as they provide to your life – although you’ll never be able to achieve it’ - The conclusion of Stewart Metz’s deeply moving feature on the captive parrot. A Passion for positive reinforcement – a workshop with Steve Martin – The second part of Dot Schwarz’s account of her experiences at Steve Martin’s Advanced Learning Workshop, which she recently attended in Florida. Last month Dot described how Steve’s ranch, Natural Encounters Incorporated, is run and his approach to training by positive reinforcement. In the concluding part of this feature, Dot guides us through the concepts he uses to get the desired results. The Endangered Black Cockatoos of Western Australia – Rosemary Low visited Australia earlier this year, to research the factors threatening the survival of the black cockatoo. Parrots in Focus – Galah Subspecies – Three interesting subspecies illustrated – Cyril Laubscher looks at the different subspecies of Galah. The Cayman Brac Parrot – one of the gems of the Caribbean – John Geary’s quest for a sighting of the rare Cayman Brac Parrot. The smallest Pionus of all – The White-crowned Pionus (Pionus senilis) is the smallest pionus of all, says Bob Alison, but it more than compensates for its comparatively diminutive size by virtue of its superior intelligence and compelling personality. Barnard’s Parrots – Bird-keepers over the years have not always found Barnard’s Parrots easy to breed, but, having spoken to a few successful breeders of this delightful and unusually coloured species, Pauline James discusses their special requirements. Tick Related Disease in Cage and Aviary Birds – Neil Forbes reports on a subject which we all find somewhat distasteful, but which cannot be ignored by owners of captive birds. As Close to Heaven – Following her letter in the last issue of Parrots, in which Carol Venables was agonising about what might happen to her cockatoos once she could no longer care for them, she and a friend took a trip to the SCA (which we featured in issue 102 of Parrots last July). We though you might like to read the result.

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