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Parrots magazine, Issue 104

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Comedians Of The Bush, Living With A Pategonian Conure, The Aviary That Just Growed

Issue 104 - September 2006

The Complete Psittacine – Scent of a Psittacine: the odours of our parrots – when purchasing a parrot, your olfactory search engine has much to say to you, says EB Cravens. Living with a Patagonian Conure – Diane Baron tells us how Detre was rescued from an appalling pet store in Houston, Texas and now lives a life of luxury. The aviary that just growed – in the second of two articles on the importance of enrichment for captive birds, Dorothy Schwarz tells us how her aviary developed – and about its many and varied inhabitants. Tropical Surprises in Leicestershire – Rosemary Low visits a delightful bird park. Finding Parrots in Brazil – Andy Myddelton realises a life-long dream with a visit to Brazil. Galahs – Comedians of the Bush – These rascals have become such a common sight in Australia, says John Cooper, that their beauty is often taken for granted. Matters of the Crop – In this, the first of a three-part series, Pauline James explains what the crop is and how it works – the most common conditions to befall a crop and how they can be avoided. The Orange-chinned Parakeet – Bob Alison writes about another species of parrot which has wandered from its natural home in Central America to settle in some of the southern states of the US. Dangers in the house – Toxins, Zinc, Teflon, PTFE, Polytetrafluoroethylene, Smoke, Chocolate, Coffee, Salt, Avocado, Alcohol, Putrefying food, Mycotoxins – Life for all of us – and our birds - is fraught with dangers. Some keepers choose to expose themselves to risk and danger in order to gain some thrill, however for our birds, it is only by understanding the potential risks that we can quantify them and avoid or minimise those risks. Risks to which our birds are exposed may be divided into various categories and these are listed below…by Neil Forbes BVetMed DipECAMS FRCVS RCVS and European College Specialist in Bird Medicine. Parrot Behaviour Part 1 – Introduction to Training by Barbara Heidenreich – Dot Schwarz reviews the first in a series of DVDs on training a companion parrot – using the principles of positive reinforcement.

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