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Parrots magazine, Issue 97

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Beginners Guide to Breeding Budgies, Your Parrot's Five Senses, Living With A Budgie '

Issue 97 - February 2006

Your parrot'€™s five senses '€“ Gail Harland looks at the importance each of the five senses plays in the life of a parrot. The Complete Psittacine with EB Cravens '€“ Continued training as long as you have fledglings - This time of the New Year my thoughts go out to other parrot breeders and fellow hobbyists. Daylight hours are lengthening. Spring breeding season is rapidly approaching; some early nesting species are already in their boxes sitting eggs. More captive-raised baby psittacines are certainly on the way. Living with a budgie '€“ Budgerigars have a lot of personality and are chatty and friendly, says Robyn M Speed, and she should know '€“ she has two of them. She tells us the story of how Oscar and Spirit came to be a big part of her life, and why she thinks budgies make great pets for children and adults alike. A Beginner'€™s guide to breeding budgies '€“ Amanda Gregory'€™s wealth of experience with birds started with the acquisition of a single pair of Budgerigars 30 years ago. She imparts her knowledge of this incredibly popular species to us. Moving to Europe with your birds? '€“Do you currently live in the United Kingdom but are thinking of moving abroad to another European Union country? Rosemary Low did just that recently, just as avian flu was rearing its head in the UK. She shares her knowledge and experience of taking birds abroad with us. Tera Psittacorum '€“ the land of parrots! '€“ When Louise Warburton offered to accompany her friend on a drive across Australia from Broome to Sydney in three weeks, she took the opportunity to do a bit of parrot-spotting along the way '€“ We saw large flocks of Corellas on main roads, and wild budgies are smaller than the pet variety we are used to and are always green. Galahs are beautiful, highly sociable interactive and noisy birds. Parrots in focus by Cyril Laubscher '€“ Philippine Hanging Parrot'€;Nine subspecies are recorded for this diminutive parrot. Ten steps to a happier parrot '€“ part two '€“ Behavioural problems in psittacines are often the result of captive parrots being kept in inappropriate environments '€“ usually despite the best intentions of the owner! In the second part of her article, Rachel Grant looks at five more steps you can take to make your pet parrot'€™s life a happier one.

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