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Parrots magazine, Issue 94

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The Australian Trichoglossus Lories, Living with a Sulphur-crested Cockatoo, Canada's Refuge

Issue 94 - November 2005

The Complete Psittacine with EB Cravens '€“ Individual attitudes in Psittacine vocalisation '€“ So much of what we see in the captive Psittacine world these days is directly related to our birds'€™ vocalisations. Talking parrots, screeching noisy parrots, flock relationships, wild instincts, even individual species '€˜behaviour conservation'€™ all may relate to the sounds our pet or breeder hookbills make, and the various methods by which the birds employ them. What'€™s more, it has always seemed to me that by observing closely the routine vocal behaviours of my psittacines, I can ascertain much about the confidence, aggressiveness, intelligence, etc. of my parrots. Living with a Lesser Sulphur-crested Cockatoo '€“ White Cockatoos are not easy parrots to keep and the Lesser Sulphur-crested is no exception. Sonny Stollenmaier recounts his experience of sharing his home with one gentle, loving and almost angelic '€“ yet violent and jealous '€“ cockatoo. Breeding and care of the Australian Trichoglossus Lorikeets '€“ the low-maintenance members of the genus Trichoglossus make fantasticpets and aviary birds, with more personality and brighter colours than many other species, says Dejan Stojanovic. He introduces us to the Scaly-breasted and Rainbow Lorikeets and promises us we won'€™t be disappointed. Canada'€™s refuge: a home for life '€“ Rosemary Low visits the World Parrot Refuge, a rescue centre that has just moved to a new facility, and which owes much to the devotion and dedication of its two founders. Wild Macaws in Holland '€“ Having first learned as a child about wild macaws in his home country of the Netherlands, Roelant Jonker embarked on a 20-year quest to find the pair of Scarlets. He tells us about his successful search. Parrots in Focus by Cyril Laubscher - Red-faced Lovebird'€¦Presents a challenge to any lovebird breeder! An appreciation of the Grey-headed Parrot '€“ The Grey-headed Parrot, previously considered to be a sub-species of the Cape Parrot, is found in sub-Saharan Africa. Craig Symes investigates the bird'€™s habitat, food and breeding cycles in the wild. The Holistic Parrot by Leslie Moran - Why support the Liver. Teaching your parrot to talk '€“ Parrots are popularly renowned for their ability to talk, yet only some species are capable of it, and a talking parrot is not always desirable! Jane Grimshaw investigates the hows and whys of teaching your bird to parrot. Harness training '€“ is it for you and your bird? '€“ Training a bird to wear a harness can be a tricky challenge. Dorothy Schwarz looks at the pros and cons, and suggests how to get started '€“ but only if you think it is right for your parrot. Who teaches whom? Trevor Glover takes a light-hearted look at the lessons life with his five parrots has taught him. Rufus a rescue Lutino Cockatiel - Burberry an Umbrella Cockatoo - Angel a Sulphur-crested Cockatoo and a pair of Hyacinths Macaws.

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