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Healing the Emotional Component of Stress Related Feather Destruction

In order to provide an effective holistic approach for healing feather destruction, a complete picture of the bird’s situation is needed. Using information provided to me from my client, Virginie, I evaluated every aspect of her bird’s living environment. We reviewed diet and nutrition, cage and habitat, household surroundings, lighting, air and water quality. After converting Chili Pepper, a female Quaker Parrot, to a diet based around feeding our 100 per cent Organic Original Sprouting Blend, with fresh fruit, vegetables, and specific nutraceuticals, we turned our focus to supporting Chili Pepper’s emotional healing.

Healing emotional trauma is a process. During a healing and communication session with an animal, I receive information in a variety of ways. I see pictures, I feel their emotions, and I can feel any physical pain they are experiencing. Through this mechanism, the parrot’s story, the source incident is revealed.

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