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Parrots magazine, Issue 12


Black-headed Caiques, Red-rumped Parakeets, Yellow-naped Amazons

Issue 12 - November 1996

Black-headed Caiques, colourful characters by Allan F Manning.  Red-rumped Parakeets, an article by Derek Cotgrave for those new to bird keeping.  Yellow-naped Amazons,  Kerim  Duranay  writes about an unproven pair. The Blue-headed Macaw – another parrot under threat?  Peach-faced Lovebirds by Jim Hayward, aviculturist and writer.  Are You Encouraging Bad Behaviour? Don’t encourage bad behaviour by Liz Wilson.  Cameras in the Nest Box – Want to know what’s going on in you nestboxes? Afraid to disturb your birds? Val Stephenson has found the solution.  Mycotoxins – Dr Keith Thompson of Vetrefarm explains the dangers to bird from mould toxins in food.  Budgies, by Carol Irvine. Play frames – jungle work-out! By Margaret McLean

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