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Endangered Jungle - Berlin Underground

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By Felix Scholz

The project called "Endangered Jungle" is dedicated to the threatened habitat of the tropical rain forests, and uses the columns of the entire platform of the renovated underground station in Berlin, "Hermannstrasse", to give an impression of the entire belt of the tropical rain forests around the globe.

The large-scaled illustrations continuously cover 36 tiled columns and walls of the platform, showing a sequence of distinct geographical zones of tropical rainforests around the globe, together with their smaller or larger inhabitants.  During changing trains or the time spent waiting on the platform, passengers are invited to meet over 80 different endangered species shown in more than 150 single portraits, such as parrots, birds of paradise, monkeys and apes, antelopes or big cats, a good opportunity to take a pause and go for an expedition in the ‘urban jungle’.

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