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Lineolated Parakeets – slightly different from the rest!

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By Sigrid März

Sigrid März is an avid enthusiast of this super South American parakeet and provides lots of valuable information for experienced hobbyists and novices alike.

“That's typical Linnie˝.  If you've taken care of a pair of Lineolated Parakeets or even a group of these lovely creatures, you've probably heard this sentence several times already.  Newbies in Linnie keeping sometimes don't believe their eyes, and even people who have kept parakeets and parrots for years, are stunned watching their Linnies.  These small, gentle parakeets behave like 'big' parrots, and they are in no way inferior to them.

But before talking about the Lineolated's special features, let's start with a general introduction to these
tiny parrots.

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