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Some Basic Truths about Parrots


Some Basic Truths about Parrots and how they Influence our Lives

By Sally Blanchard

I have always been interested in the why of parrot behaviour and there are some basic facts about them that have a tremendous impact on our relationships with them.  Knowing these facts and how they influence our parrot’s behaviours can help people have a better understanding of why companion parrots do many of the things that they do.  The information in this article was the subject for my programme at Think Parrots 2014.

One of the most significant facts is that parrots are instinctively prey animals.  This means that they can be fearful of new or threatening situations.  Even well-socialised baby parrots can show fear if a situation is traumatic to them.  While parrots may vary in the severity of their neo-phobia, most parrots are wary to some degree when presented with new situations and things.  This is particularly true if that change is presented in or near their cage.  Our perception is usually to see the forest and then pick out the details.  It seems that parrots are detail oriented.  In other words, they see the trees before they see the forest.  Because of this, adding a detail (new toy, new furniture, etc.) around their cage can cause stress, especially for sensitive parrots.

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