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Observing the New Range Corellas


Observing the New Range Corellas

by Guy Hull

The summer sun in far western New South Wales arrived early and left late, its lingering fiery departure calling the local parrots to water, and discomforted by my presence and the ever present predators stalking the unwary, the birds’ evening waterings were brief and jittery affairs.  Little family squadrons of Bourke’s Parakeets flitted in from the mulga trees away in the red country and glide down to the water’s edge to take brief furtive gulps before wheeling away into the hot, golden light on whistling wings, piping kik kik, kik kik, while the metallic chillik chillik announced the buoyant arrival of parties of Crimsonwings, emerald green, blue, black and red jewels that landed right at the water’s edge to take their flighty refreshment in hasty head-raised gulps.

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