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The Pyrrhura conure’s need for a fresh diet


The Pyrrhura conure’s need for a fresh diet

by Rosemary Low

Pyrrhura conures are a delight!  They are so inquisitive, active and fearless.  They can be recommended for breeders who do not want to keep birds in enclosed buildings, but enjoy seeing them in outdoor flights.  They are noisy only when alarmed, perhaps by the presence of a cat or hawk.  As companion birds, they are suitable only where they can fly daily in a room - because they love to fly and need to use up some of that boundless energy they possess.

These birds may be small, with an average length of 24cm (9.5in), but don’t underestimate them - they are highly intelligent.  They need a lot of stimulation to keep them contented, in the form of new items to gnaw, explore and play with.  It is a lot of work to provide this.  My advice is to keep a few birds, well, rather than lots of pairs which receive a boring, standardised diet, without lots of fresh and wild foods.

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