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An Eclectus and Greencheek’s unique friendship


An Eclectus and Greencheek’s unique friendship

by Kirsten Badham

Winter on the Australian Atherton Tablelands is a beautiful time of year, the days are crisp and cool, and the ground sparkles with early morning frost.  Our parrots wake at dawn and greet the day with exuberance, calling to their friends and catching up on the nighttime gossip.  The day quickly warms and our kids make the most of the balmy weather, but come nightfall, the temperature drops rapidly.

Our male eckies take refuge in their partners nest-box and can be heard talking quietly to each other as they settle down for the night.  Our adolescent parrots form a tight bundle of red and green, cuddled side-by-side with their little heads tucked firmly behind their wings.  However it is the smallest parrot who claims the very best position.  Gizmo, the Green-cheeked Conure, sleeps nestled under the wing of his long-time friend Quasi, an Eclectus Parrot.

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