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Personality Profile by Sally Blanchard


Personality Profile by Sally Blanchard

Blue & Gold Macaw

The Blue & Gold Macaw has been holding its own as the most popular companion macaw for many years.  When they are well socialised and nurtured throughout life, they are exceptional birds.  If their potential is developed, they are intelligent, highly affectionate and a consummate companion.  They tend to be the most outgoing clowns of the large macaws.  Blue & Golds are also very expressive birds and some can be excellent talkers with clear enunciation.  I once “bird sat” for a young Blue & Gold who did a whole repertoire around his caregivers arguing - some of the words were clear, the rest was enthusiastic gibberish because the couple never argued with the same words.  The woman’s voice was whiney and manipulative and the man’s voice was loud and arrogant!

Blue & Golds are very good learners when they have a good teacher.  They can be extremely interactive and they enjoy focused time spent in your face;  especially learning new behaviours and fun tricks with praise as their best reward.  They also love ambient attention with you nearby involved in something else but taking the time to stop and talk to them from time to time about what they are doing and what you are doing.

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