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Healing the Emotional Component of Stress Related Feather Destruction


Because this topic, ‘recovering from stress related feather destruction’, is so involved, it is divided into three areas of healing. In May we discussed the role that stress plays in relation to feather destruction and disease. Our June topic explored how to alter the diet so a bird could better cope with stress and have his healing process supported through nutrition.

This month we’ll explore a new way of understanding and healing traumatic emotional experiences a parrot has suffered. Next month we’ll look at the case study of a parrot and its caretaker that I’m currently working with. The information in this and next months column will shed light on the unique healing process I use to help a parrot transmute previously experienced emotional traumas. These three layers of healing - understanding and minimizing the effects of stress, improving the bird’s diet and healing past emotional trauma - all coalesce to provide a strong foundation for healing stress related feather destruction in a holistic manner.

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