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A day in the life of Team Conure


A day in the life of Team Conure

by Karen Chudley

Permit me to introduce Team Conure, our seven Green-cheeked Conures and one Black-capped Conure.  Team Conure is captained by Oberon, who is undisputedly top bird, aided by his First Mate, Cobweb.  Heading up the hens we have Titania and her lady-in-waiting, Portia, a re-home bird.  Next comes Calamity, our little Black-capped Conure, who is very bold and adventurous, and her best friend Frodo, a widowed ex-stud bird.

Finally, it gives me pleasure to introduce Maybelline and Max.  We liberated this inseparable duo from what must have been a soul destroying, not to mention muscle destroying, two-year stretch imprisoned in a cramped pet shop cage.

All eight birds share a huge cage, although sometimes I wonder why, as they spend most of their time piled up in a heap and it has to be said that Team Conure in general has no concept of personal space, either avian or human!

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