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John Vincent, a dedicated and experienced parrot breeder, from Bedfordshire has been breeding Australian King Parrots for nearly 40 years, and tells me, “Compatibility is the key to success when breeding the King Parrot, and this doesn’t necessarily mean letting them choose their own partners. These birds have strong individual characters, and it is extremely important that their personalities be taken into consideration, before allowing two individuals to pair-off.”

John strongly recommends that anyone starting out with this species, acquire at least four to six individuals to begin with, even if it means joining forces with another breeder, and put them into a large flight altogether to be assessed. He explains, “Even if a pair, begin to pair-off naturally, it is still absolutely essential to ensure that a dominant bird is choosing a docile partner, or the partnership will be doomed. Two aggressive Kings’ paired together can do each other much harm, and two docile parrots will do absolutely nothing!”

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