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What Does Polly Say? Species Differences In Vocal Learning By Parrots Revealed By Citizen Scientists by GrrlScientist
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Good management to avoid hand-rearing. By Rosemary Low
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The Never ending Enrichment Conundrum. Complete Psittacine by Eb Cravens
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The Cost of Living … with parrots. By Catalina Tate & Rebecca Pauli
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Owen: A case study of an African Grey


Owen: A case study of an African Grey

by EB Cravens

Several decades have gone by since I had a Red-tailed African Grey Parrot under my roof, but that all changed when April consented to babysit Owen, a 23-year-old male Grey that belongs to an acquaintance of ours.  Our friend was travelling to the mainland for a couple of weeks and had no-one else lined up to watch over her parrot.  So our dining room table out on the enclosed lanai became this bird’s vacation home for more than ten days.  It was an eye-opener for us to be sure - and a reminder to me just how problematic red-tails can be!

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