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Perilla seed: A revelation for small seed eaters?


by Pauline James. Protein and fat-rich flax and hemp seed are often fed sparingly as conditioning seed to small seed eating companion parrots or parakeets to boost health and help them through the moult. Breeding pairs are also offered these seeds prior to the breeding season and to build them up for the winter. But, should we be feeding our birds’ perilla seed instead?

Flax, hemp and perilla seed all contain the full set of essential amino acids, and in the right proportions, needed to provide complete vegetable-based proteins in one food. So, in this respect all three types of seed are equally good quality foods, but when it comes to the levels of omega-3 they contain flax fares well, hemp fares less well, but perilla seed fares brilliantly. So what is the significance of omega-3?

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