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Complete Psittacine, by EB Cravens


An Inspiring Tale of Parrot Rescue

Once upon a time April and I were driving out to the new commercial park to shop at one of those big wholesale box stores and do some other in-town errands. Upon turning the corner into the business complex, we noticed an umbrella-shaded folding table alongside the busy road. Slowing down to get a better look, we spied three raggedy looking Sun conures in a makeshift wire cage with a lock and chain holding them securely to a post nearby. A clumsily worded sign read: Parrots For Sale - $250 each.

The Hawaiian weather made the existing temperatures range in the mid to upper eighties Fahrenheit. Automobile exhaust fumes were fully conspicuous. There was no-one around nearby the stand.

Over an hour later, having completed our shopping, we stopped by the bird table on our way out. It was rather sickening. There were two older Suns and an obvious younger one off to the side on its own. The apparent hen of the pair was either crippled or very sick and could not walk well. Droppings had dried to her vent, and her feathers were dirty, matted and twisted.

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