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Bronze-winged Parrots in the wild

Parrots magazine April 2012

By Robert Alison

The Bronze-winged Parrot (Pionus chalcopterus), sometimes called the Rainbow Pionus, is a very colourful South American psittacid, with a rich repertoire of compelling behaviours and a potentially troubled future. Its primary range encompasses most of Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador and Peru, and in some parts of that vast region, it is a major ecotourism attraction.

The Bronze-winged is medium-sized, measures about 29cm (11.3in) in length, and weighs on average 210g (7.3 ounces). The plumage is an attractive admixture of purple-blue and bronze-brown that intensifies with age. Although some local plumage variations have been demonstrated, there are no sub-species. Juvenile plumage is more sombre, and their heads are often greenish.

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