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Parrot-watching in The Caribbean

Parrots magazine April 2012

In part two of our parrot watching series of articles, we explore what the Caribbean region has to offer.

If you specifically want to go on a parrot watching expedition in the Americas, Central America or South America would have to be the top choice. But, if the desire is to combine a more traditional Caribbean holiday with seeing parrots too, and perhaps enjoy a little island hopping along the way, then this region would be a good choice.

The four nations selected are easily accessible, have the greatest variety, or the most interesting parrots, and are likely to provide the ecotourist with the best possible parrot watching experience in the Caribbean area. But other smaller islands also have a few wild parrot species, and these have been included in the chart.

When the first Europeans arrived in the Caribbean just over 500 years ago, there were 50-60 species of endemic parrots, parakeets and macaws in the region, but today due to habitat loss, trapping for the pet trade, and the limitations of island habitat, only 12 species remain, and most of them are now endangered species.

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