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Living with nobility and a squire!

Parrots magazine April 2012

Margaret and Trevor Johns from Kent, have lived with a house full of parrots for over 40 years, and particularly love Amazons. But, over the years they have taken in many rescue parrots and their collection also includes macaws, sun conures and Senegals. Here Margaret tells their story:

One of my favourite parrots is Mo our female Noble Macaw. She came to us at 19 years old, eight years ago, as a rescue, when her elderly owner suddenly decided that he was getting too old to look after her, and asked us if we would take her. Mo was a well-socialised and hand-tame little macaw and moved into a large cage in our sitting room with ease. She bonded with me straight away and was relaxed in the company of three Senegals, and three of our Amazon parrots.

Mo loved coming to me for cuddles, and for over six years I could do virtually anything with her, she took food from my lips, she gave me kisses and would love sitting on my shoulder. Her previous owner came and visited her on several occasions, but on his last visit, she didn’t behave very well, and bit him hard, drawing blood! I think he felt quite hurt, that she had turned on him, but I tried to explain it was because she had settled in here so well, and had now formed a strong bond with me, that she acted like that, rather than biting him out of malice.

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